Run the CAP Money Course

With 60% of Americans admitting that they do not have a personal budget we know that there is a great need for financial education!

The CAP Money Course is a simple, 3-session, budgeting course that gives participants the opportunity to learn skills that have a lasting impact on their finances. The course is a perfect tool to run both in-person and virtually to help families create and adjust their budgets following the impact of COVID-19.


What CAP provides

CAP provides all of the training and support to equip individuals from your church to run the course. 

  • Training and Support for CAP Coaches
  • Marketing Plan and Materials
  • Evangelism Training
  • Web-based Budgeting Tool
  • Video Teaching in English and Spanish
  • Student Workbooks in English and Spanish
  • Coaches Guide in English and Spanish
  • Ongoing support for success


Your church can get trained to run the CAP Money Course and then run the course for your church and community. 

The training is scheduled for the following dates online via Zoom: 

  • Thursday, Nov. 30 2023  7:00 - 9:00pm (CT)
  • 2024 dates to be announced

To find out more about how your church can partner and to register for training call the CAP team on: (331) 215 9067 or email: [email protected]

CAP Money Workbook - Download Sample Pages:

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CAP Money Workbook Intro-pages 384.31 KB

Watch the first part of Session 1 from the CAP Money Course:

What your church needs to do

In order to run the CAP Money Course, you’ll need to:

  • Identify someone from within your church to be trained as a CAP Money Manager
  • Identify a few people within your church to be trained as CAP Money Coaches.
  • Complete a CAP Money Church Partnership Form (downloadable below) and send it to [email protected].
  • Set up your church's monthly donation to Christians Against Poverty (see details below).
  • Determine how you want to run the course:
    • In-person, virtually or both
    • Classroom, one-on-one or both
  • Plan a Launch Event and book a CAP speaker to help launch your CAP Money Course within your church.

How much does it cost?

Monthly Donation

We ask each church to make a monthly partnership donation to CAP to help cover the costs and to provide the course free of charge to all attendees.

The donation to CAP helps cover the costs for training, course content (video and workbooks), online budgeting tools, marketing materials and ongoing support from the CAP team. Your church can train additional coaches each year and you will have an allowance for printed resources. 

  • $30.00 per month - Suggested donation for smaller churches (less than 500 people).
  • $60.00 per month - Suggested donation for larger churches (more than 500 people) or churches training a large group of coaches or their whole benevolence teams.

For multi-site churches we ask each church campus to sign a partnership agreement and make an individual donation to CAP. 

CAP Money Church Partnership Form - Download:

File Name File Size
CAP Money Church Partnership Form 2021 105.12 KB

Call the CAP Money Team to book your place on one of our training events on 331-215-9067 or email [email protected] to find out more.


‘I found the CAP Money Course a great tool to help with budgeting. It has helped me have control over my finances rather than them having control over me.’ - Kate

‘I have been trying to put a budget together for years and have been unsure and a bit scared of even how to do so, but the CAP teaching material was really easy to understand and the Coaches were friendly, knowledgeable and really helpful.’ - Leah

‘Since completing the CAP Money Course, I have used the budget, save, spend model to get a grip on my finances. I was able to go on holiday for the first time in years, pay for Christmas and even pay for my wedding!’ - Mark

‘I heard about the CAP Money Course from a friend who went on the course. I wanted to pay off my credit card and stay out of my overdraft. It changed my life! I never thought it could be so easy, but the CAP Money system is so simple.’ - Annie