Rising costs impact us all – but for those struggling with debt and poverty, price increases are devastating. But you can help!

In this cost of living crisis there are so many people like Christina that don’t know where to turn. You could change that today. CAP want to open new CAP Debt & Financial Health Services and train more churches to run the CAP Money Course to reach more families in need and you can help make that happen!

You can help equip a family to face the cost of living crisis by sending a gift today!

You could make a one time gift of $50, $100, $250 or even $500 to really make a difference!

  • $50 starts someone like Christina on a CAP journey to a better financial future
  • $100 sets up budgeting plans for two people and help them out of crisis
  • $250 provides long term support and financial coaching, which completely transforms a life

Imagine lifting the burden from someone’s shoulders. Picture their smile as they realize they don’t walk alone. Think of the joy when a family is freed from crisis. Your gift today can make that happen – and transform a life!

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