CAP International

Personal debt causes the same problems all over the developed world, so CAP has been invited to help other countries. In addition to CAP America, CAP UK, CAP Australia, CAP New Zealand and CAP Canada all make up the international family.


CAP all started in Bradford in the UK where Founder John Kirkby set up the charity in 1996. Since then, John has been at the forefront of CAP’s international expansion to rescue people out of debt and beyond, alongside Matt Barlow, CEO – UK and International.

CAP Australia

Since 2000, CAP Oz has been offering life-changing help for those in debt in Australia. Using the same systems as CAP UK, CAP Oz is transforming lives from Sydney to Swansea and Canberra to Charlestown with 37 debt centres across the country.

CAP New Zealand

CAP NZ was launched in March 2008 and is rapidly expanding in the country known for having the highest levels of personal debt in the developed world. With 40 CAP Debt Centres up and running we are tackling the greatest social problem in the country head on.

CAP Canada

CAP Canada launched in April 2013. After invitations from Canadian churches to bring our expertise to help answer the problem of debt in Canadian communities, Helen Johnson and Will McLaughlin moved from the UK to pioneer CAP Canada.

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