About Us

Christians Against Poverty equip local churches with effective poverty relieving tools and empowers them to share the good news of Jesus.

The rising tide of increased living costs, alongside low incomes, are causing families here in America, to be trapped in poverty - drowning in debt and despair.

Debt and poverty breaks families apart, has a huge impact on mental and physical health, and drives many to think that suicide is the only way out. The COVID-19 pandemic will cause many more families to become trapped in unmanageable debt. 

At CAP America we believe there’s always hope. Yes, poverty is real, with millions locked in its miserable grip. But CAP is bringing life changing freedom and good news to people in desperate need every single day.

After being established in the UK in 1996 and becoming an award winning international charity providing specialist credit counseling and a simple budgeting course, we launched here in America in 2019. Pioneering CAP America in Chicagoland, Illinois, we are offering our expertise and empowering local churches to reach out to their communities to see the lives of those trapped in debt and poverty completely transformed.

Meet CAP's Founder Dr John Kirkby CBE as he takes you on a tour, behind the scenes at CAP UK...