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Your church can partner with CAP to walk alongside families in financial distress

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CAP wants to equip your church to walk alongside people in financial distress

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Run a CAP Money Course to provide vital budgeting skills and financial literacy

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Christians Against Poverty (CAP) provides free debt and financial health counseling and simple financial education courses in partnership with local churches.

CAP Debt & Financial Health

Open a service

Your church can partner with CAP to open a CAP Debt & Financial Health Service to walk alongside those in financial distress.

CAP Money

Run the CAP Money Course at church

CAP Money is a simple, 3-session, budgeting course that gives people the opportunity to learn financial literacy and skills that have a lasting impact on their finances.

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"With CAP’s help, my credit score has improved. I am paying off my debt and I feel way more stress free. I know where my money goes."     - LaDonna


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